Our Letter to the community who have been asking if we are doing CSA this season. Please know that we appreciate your support through all of this.

We appreciate all of your inquiries and support around purchasing CSA shares during these trying times. We understand the importance and extreme need around locally sourced food. We will be prioritizing Black families for CSA shares in partnership with R.E.A.C.H/Multnomah County Health department/Beyond Black and the Oregon Food Bank at this time.

However, we will be offering Weekly Shares available starting in July for the general public .We understand that money is tight at these times and not everyone is able to commit to a regular 18+ weekly share at this time.

So we will be offering a weekly fresh sheet starting in July with the share contents and quantity of shares available from week to week. Please check back starting July 1, 2020. Check our facebook or instagram for weekly updates.

If you would like to purchase a solidarity share to donate to a needy family please email mudbonegrown@gmail.com

Stay tuned, be well! We are busy planting and growing as much as we can at this time!

Much Love from Mudbone Grown

Clientele Membership Club & Community Supported Agriculture

The idea of Community Support Agriculture is actually rooted in our black history. Although CSA's have been credited to adopting European and Japanese models, there was a man from the south, Alabama to be specific, by the name of Dr. Booker T. Whatley who was the originator of the concept in our country.

By the 1960's & 70's he started to notice the decline of black farmers (of which there was more than a million) as industrialization grabbed hold of the nation. His concept was local and direct. He was looking to create a sustainable model for the farmer and the consumer by cutting out the middleman/woman with the idea of - Pick Your Own Farm, called the Clientele Membership Club.

For more history on CSA's visit Portland Area CSA Coalition's website.