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Mudbone Grown Crew for the Boots 2 Roots PDX

Mudbone Grown

Shantae Johnson + Arthur Shavers Jr. Program Manager + Operations Manager

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Garden Ambassador Liaison

Letty Martinez

Letty Martinez, first generation indigenous Mexican of Coahuila and Navy Veteran, grew up in Chicago and moved to portland in 2012. Letty has a background in public health and community health education. Began gardening when they purchased their home in NE portland with the help of a VA loan. After 3 years of food and herb growing for themself and community, they pursued farming education with Mudbone Grown’s Beginning Farms of Color Program in 2018. After completing the program Letty has begun to grow a farming and community education business growing food for community supported agriculture in the Portland metro area and herbs for value added products while teaching in community the value of plants as food and medicine.

Malcolm Shabazz Hoover is originally from East Palo Alto, California, but spent about 20 years in Philadelphia and is a recent transplant to Portland from Oakland, California. He presently works with families and vets as well as maintaining a writing schedule. He is a 3rd generation community organizer and father of two: Aaron, 24 and Laila,14. He’s had many jobs, among them: assembly line worker making Doppler radar rigs, a journalist, a tech writer, a High School and Elementary School teacher, counselor, US Navy Weatherman, video game tester and book peddler. Malcolm’s first book “144 Poems and Essays for God, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Hip Hop” was published Spring 2015 by Tayen Lane Press

Farmer Navigator

Malcolm Hoover

Project Admin Assistant

Sara Cross

Sara Cross is a behind the scenes kind of gal. She is a vicarious farmer who doesn’t mind wielding a pickaxe when necessary. Before Sara's farming days she slung coffee, managed humans, worked in landscape architecture and photography. It wasn’t until 2009 that, both her degree in landscape architecture and her degree in visual journalism came to work together. She went to Detroit to make a documentary for school on urban farming. Her footage got picked up and appeared in the documentary Urban Roots, produced by Tree Media. She has gone from Southern California to Long Island, New York, to Portland, Oregon. Through fate she met Shantae and Art. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to take time off, but now life is becoming more in focus, and it is getting clearer everyday. Right now she is where she is supposed to be.

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