Kwame DL Enoch Bey is a Seer, an honored teacher devoted to the elevation and protection of earth and man. Born in Pasco WA raised in Redding California. He found Hip Hop and breakdancing to be his deliverance from the ways of street life through dance competitions in the 80's. A true renegade of funk. "Music is the life and power of the blood running through my veins…" In the late 80's, Kwame ran towards the US Army to elude the detriments of the streets that held a tombstone destined to have his name on it.

After the military, he found himself in the presence of the Creator. Kwame turned his attentions to working with youth. His goal was to teach them life skills and how to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset. Kwame founded, organized and incorporated Young Lions of Judah Training Center in order to bring troubled, wayward and unlearned youth to rise above their current estate and to incorporate hands-on teaching and experiences that ordinary schooling did not provide.

Young Lions of Judah Learning Center also helped establish bible schools in Uganda, Rwanda in Eastern Africa as with the Republic of Congo and Tanzania. All this While raising his four children, Kwame also gained experience in the food, wine, and festival industries.

Accepting his Prophetic call but running from the weight of it; Kwame finally surrendered and became a student of P.O.M.E. (Prophetic Order of Mars Elisha) and found his niche again in the Moorish Science Temple of America.

"SANKOFA...return and go back and get it…"

This divine admonition from his Ancestors and guiding of Allah, Kwame returned to the Ways and Wisdom of the Ancients. His focus returned to the Universe and Mother Earth, to work with Her producing life and creation through farming. Some Europeans are waking up to the falsehoods of their ancestors while the so-called Black, Afro-Americans are growing beyond the colonial slave stories to learn of their true history as Asiatics, their nationality and the divine history of a people that are in the human family. Kwame is adamant that the so-called Black lives matter are those awakening to the knowledge of self and the history of the Great Witnesses of their Ancestors.

Kwame puts into practice some training he attained through Mudbone Grown’s Boots 2 Roots program. In addition to employing ancient ways of Bio-integrated farming i.e. vermicomposting, Biochar Production and compost teas, Kwame is including hydroponics and aquaponics into his practices. Returning to the ancestor’s wisdom and knowledge of Mother Earth, today, with clarity of mind and an ear to hear Allah and the Ancestors, Kwame is devoted to the ways of farming that replenish and nurture the land rather than merely producing produce.

Presently in the Pathways to Farming program, I am here gaining mastery of caring for the land so I may teach the next generation how to become sustainable and self sufficient.

As I consider the way from which I have come; I look at the ways in which life continues to come forth and I give honor as I return to the Way of our Ancestors.

Asé, Namaste, Shalom, Islam, Peace and Love to the human family.