Alexandria though ordained/named helper of mankind goes by Sasha for short. Sasha is a proud black American herbalist and farmer by way of attraction and desire. She desires for understanding of the secrets and powers that universe holds in the form of plants and our bodies. Sasha has gratefully been a part of a long list of Portland’s programs supporting her growth and knowledge of trees, herbs, environmental justice, and farming. Her goal is to support people of color being re-empowered in their capability to heal themselves naturally, yet again and all the while render a good relationship with plants and the universe that be. In this time Sashas has high faith in farming for the community and passionately takes on all the essential work she can involving the plot she tends and calls F.U.F.U. short for Farmed for Us Food for Us.

F.U.F.U. produces medicinal herbs for external and internal use. The majority of which are first aid herbs and herbs that support the adrenal system. F.U.F.U. also has a focus on ancestry foods with a priority of vegetables that are high and rich in vitamins and minerals. The goal is to produce and provide food as medicine for Africa Americans.

F.U.F.U. 's agricultural approach strives to be 100% organic, vegan in practices, environmentally conscientious, aware, and responsible to how they turn the land.

F.U.F.U. is in support of people color returning to the mindset of holistic health as the equivalent to wealth and as a road to the reconstruction and repair of our communities! “We must decolonize herbalism and prioritize environmental justice!” says Sasha. The goal is that F.U.F.U.’s produce and value added products are our medicine of choice! That they give communities of color access to traditional medicine meeting each community member at their needs. The vision of F.U.F.U. is to share healing through foods and herbs of our people. Along with sharing the reminder that we can heal ourselves and our people by once again getting in touch with the soil, tending the land, having and sharing knowledge of the plants, as our recent ancestors did, with such love, care, and awareness. All the while bringing environmental justice into our communities perspective and intentions to heal our relationship with the land that holds us and feed us and the creatures around us! This land is also our land! It is Sasha’s desire that F.U.F.U. provides first aid herbs and herbal care remedies such as slaves, tinctures, and washes to protesters, local activists, community leaders/organizers, and BIPOC healers. It is also F.U.F.U.’s intention that the food grown will be prioritized to folks financially disadvantaged or without access to healthy options. All that being said it is a personal goal of Sasha that she is always growing a 1/3 of my produce donated back to the land and the animals (bees, heavily considered) 1/3 gifted to the community and the remaining left to proceeds and reproduction. Please feel free to reach out as Sasha loves growing her community.

Instagram @fufu_farm