Oh, hi. I'm called shiny. I’m a black, queer, anti-racist dirty femme - an alchemist, cottage witch, farmer, medicine maker, and decolonizer. I grow and make magic with my hands and with my heart: furniture, quilts, songs, poems, food and drink...

I'm the Proprietrix and Herb Nerd at Scrapberry Farm LLC, a wee urban farm on the stolen lands of indigenous peoples in the place we now call Portland, Oregon.

I am a librarian and professor by trade, a farmer and medicine maker by calling, and a community organizer by necessity. I spend my time in community with the folxs at Sacred Lattice Collective, where we are taking back ancestral ways of knowing, by force if necessary.

I am my ancestors’ wildest dream. It is to them and to my mentors that I offer my gratitude for this experience.

(photo credit: M. Martinez Photo, link to:

A part of The Raceme Collective and Market Manager of ComeThru Market