Sitafal Farm

The farm is a diverse vegetable farm that also produces culturally specific items such as spices, dry beans, and value-added products. Our farm wants to provide an alternative for customers from the grocery store so they know where all the items in their pantry come from, how it’s produced, and can trust all the ingredients in them. Right now, this means that we produce storage vegetables as well, spices such as paprika, cayenne, coriander, cumin and more, and dry beans such as garbanzo beans, black beans, and others.

We farm by using sustainable and regenerative farming practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, mulching, pollinator plantings, intercropping, no till, and maintaining a very low carbon footprint. Our belief is that if we take care of the land, by using both perennials and annual plants and disturb the soil as little as possible, we will get the most nutritious food we can. We farm at Sitafal Farm to honor our cultures, our backgrounds, our histories, and all the lessons we have been passed down. This includes gender equality through farming and racial equity through access to food security. Food, culture, and equity are connected and it’s a large lesson that’s been passed down through women of color in different cultures.

You can find their produce at Barn 2 Door. Check out Sitafal Farm on Instagram for more details.