My name is Xochitl Garnica, I'm a mother to two children. I am also an Aztec dancer. I moved to the Portland area from Mexico 13 years ago when I was 18.

When I'm not in home with my dogs and family I help my partner Aaron facilitate ceremonies for our community. In these practices we use sage, sweetgrass, lavender, cedar, and various roots as medicine. It's in these places I learned the importance of building care respect and a true understanding for our plant relatives. I want to continue this journey by growing and processing the herbs and medicines we use to help heal each other and get back into a one minded consciousness with nature.

I'm excited to see how the plants and community grow together.

Nimitz Tlazocamati, I appreciate you.

Farm Name: Chalchi Farms find me on Facebook and Instagram and also a part of The Raceme Collective