My name is Flynne Olivarez and I'm a queer womxn with Mexican, Apache and Sicilian roots. My first stage of growth happened in Los Angeles, where I spent my early years eating menudo, reading, being shy and spending a glorious amount of time with my abuelas. My mom has always been a deep source of strength for me and I am deeply grateful that she encouraged me to move away from home to pursue the higher education I eagerly wanted. That stage of growth took place in Eugene, OR where I learned to grow food,use my voice, analyze systems of oppression (which is ongoing for life!), and love my newly-found queer identity. My passion and career have always involved working with young people and filling in the gaps that the institution of education leaves behind. After living in Portland for almost 14 years, I am ready to shift career goals and dive deeper into my passion for plant medicine while cultivating a community of BIPOC farmers and healers that I can honor and heal and laugh with and celebrate.