Michelle, is a mother, a socially concussions entrepreneur, whom worked as a business consultant for 15years. A brain wellness speaker and coach, a born alchemist who truly believes transforming begins with a seed

Working to empowering others to be proactive about their healthcare, a biohacker who wants to create awareness around the disease of the mind and the role food plays in it, A Neuro coach because science rocks and neuroplasticity is reality.

A modern urban organic farmer whom utilizes technology and sustainable practice, because this is the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse and bring quality food to market, this is the future of farming... An agent of change, because we all know we should eat more vegetables, be active, stress less, and nourish our microbiomes daily. So why aren't we? Simple, we don’t all have access to the same information, resources and quality of food.. Food Matter and what we eat direct affect our health, let food be thy medicine..