Mission Statement: We believe in creating kinship, fostering cultural pride and community through the cultivation of land ownership, food production, and community building.

Mudbone Grown is a black-owned farm enterprise that promotes inter-generational community-based farming that creates measurable and sustainable environmental, social, cultural, and economic impacts in communities. MudBone Grown's work helps to develop and implement workplace-based educational experiences to help teens, young adults, and low-income communities develop marketable careers, education skills that help build and sustain community capacity and place them in local jobs. By doing this we can succeed in our five-year goal to enhance food security, reduce energy use, improve community health and well-being, and stabilize our communities.

Shantae Johnson, Program Director and Farm Manager of Feed'em Freedom Farm (Corbett, Or)

Shantae Johnson is a certified community health worker, doula, breastfeeding peer counselor, farmer and food justice warrior. She is a cultural bridge builder with strengths in community organizing, project management, and program creation with a public health lens. She is a parent, healer, chef, and referee to their six beautiful children.

Shantae sits on Oregon Board of Agriculture, is the President of BOLT (Black Oregon Land Trust), Co-Creator of the Black Food Fund, advisor on the Vivian Barnett Fellowship, sits on the Racial Justice Council of Oregon, and is the Executive Director of Feed'em Freedom, Mudbone Grown's new nonprofit.

Arthur Shavers, Operations and Infrastructure Project Manager of Feed'em Freedom Farm (Corbett, Or)

Arthur Shavers is a farmer with a passion for creating infrastructure. He is also a community organizer, idea implementation generator and professional leather smith. He is a native Portlander with strong ties to the black community. He is creating foodscaping paradises using landscaping and structural innovation. He is the President of their nonprofit, Feed'em Freedom.

Our Story in Motion

If you have immediate questions about visiting our farms or our general programming please email our assistant Sara.