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Vivian Barnett Fellowship for Food System Leaders

Excerpt below taken from Ecotrust's website

To strengthen this region’s network of food system leaders, the Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, Mudbone Grown, Oregon State University’s Center for Small Farms, the Multnomah County Health Department REACH program, and Ecotrust have partnered to offer the Viviane Barnett Fellowship for Food System Leaders.

About Viviane Barnett

We are proud to name this Fellowship for Viviane Barnett—a Black Portlander and civic leader who spearheaded a groundbreaking community gardening movement from 1968-1970.

Working with community members in Portland’s Albina district, Barnett pursued a wide array of partnerships and collaborations to support food security through a community gardening program called Green Fingers. At its height, the program served around 1,500 participants. Despite the popularity and national attention garnered by Green Fingers, Viviane had to overcome numerous disruptions to the program as a result of institutional racism in Portland city government and planning offices, including frequent displacement and garden sites that were razed mid-season, before harvest.

For her perseverance, love of community, and leadership, we endeavor to honor the memory of Viviane Barnett with this Fellowship.

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Except taken from Prosper Portland site: To find out more about the program and who we are partnering with visit Prosper Portland's site for more information.

The Equitable Food Economy Collaborative is a partnership between regional nonprofits, producers, Oregon State University, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and Prosper Portland. These partners work together toward shared goals that will catalyze the development of an equitable and resilient regional food economy.

Prosper Portland convenes the partnership which is composed of community-based organizations and food system stakeholders, and provides direction and oversight to guide this food system development work.

The partnership’s vision is to work collaboratively to identify and achieve shared goals that address barriers to entrepreneurship and wealth building for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) producers.


We were involved with an amazing team. Here is quote from our Team Lead. To find out more visit the Food Systems Leadership Network site for more information.

This team is deeply invested in the collective farm-to-institution efforts in our home region. We see this Institutional Investment Accelerator as an opportunity to come together to look beyond procurement and focus on the root causes of injustice in our food systems by building community wealth with and for BIPOC communities.”- Aaron Vargas, Food Equity Manager, Ecotrust, Portland Team Lead


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