How We Grow

“We are in the business of growing food, community health, business, and community culture around delivery of the triple bottom line to historically absent or barriered communities.”

Our grandmothers are our muse and our inspiration for how we grow and give back to the community and interact with the land. Farming is in our DNA. Our community has a history of working with the land to build the soil, using organic material to capture carbon, cover cropping, and using the natural landscape to feed into the ecosystem.

It is important that the food from our farms are nutrient rich and organic. Although we are not certified organic, we believe in organic practices on our farm. We believe in regenerative climate resilient growing practices and implement them as much as possible on the farm.

When our soil is healthy we can produce high quality nutrient rich foods that help us to serve food as medicine to our community that is impacted by chronic health issues and social determinants of health.